Coming Out

Coming Out – as Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual

“Coming Out” is a phrase associated with admitting to yourself that you are not heterosexual but are Gay Lesbian or Bisexual. The phrase suggests that you have “been in” or hiding, and again a popular expression is “being in the closet” which means you have not told anyone, or have hidden your sexuality.

Coming Out for most people who are Gay, Lesbian or Bisexual takes courage. You are bound to feel nervous and anxious about whether you will be accepted or rejected. It is wise to consider carefully who you would like to tell first because it really helps you feel stronger and ready to tell others who you fear might find your news difficult to handle.

Here are some articles written by authors describing the people, cirumstances and environments connected to “coming out”.

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Are You Ready to Come Out?

If you feel ready to take this important step and “come out” you may want to have some support. Steven Harold has not only been through this himself but he has helped many others to be their true and authentic self. He would be delighted to support you in being Gay, Lesbian or Bisexual and being proud.

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