Transgender Help Support Therapy

Transgender Help Support Therapy

One of the toughest decisions in life is to be yourself. We are often led away from our true nature by uneducated or fearful adults, parents and partners who have their own stuff going on. Society, as a whole, has also played a pivotal role in denying us the true freedom we need, yearn for and deserve. That freedom is to be ourselves, fully and completely.

transgender support help therapyIf you have come to the decision or need help with your decision to accept yourself, I encourage you to seek support wherever you are on your journey right now. Many people are in one of these places :-

  • I have a sense that I am in the wrong gender body
  • I want to accept myself for who I am
  • I dress in secret and feel ashamed
  • I want to start dressing as another gender
  • I am dressing as the opposite sex and it feels great
  • I want to start transitioning
  • I need to tell my partner, wife or husband that I am transgender
  • I want to tell my work colleagues and dress as my true gender identity
  • I want to sound and act more masculine
  • I want to sound and act more feminine
  • I am having surgery and feel anxious

The above could be a typical journey for anyone who is transgender. You might be in your teenage years or been in your senior years.  Of course, how far you want to transition is also a big question for some people.

I would love to help and support you along your journey. I am working with transgender clients and at various stages of their journey.

Many of my clients dress to attend their sessions at my practice in Derbyshire and I encourage this so that you will feel comfortable and know you are fully accepted and respected.

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Steve Harold

If you are looking to have medication and / or reassignment surgery, you will be attending or have attended sessions with a psychologist if you are going through the NHS route. Some people are able to finance their own surgery and may not have the benefit of this. Whatever your circumstances you can be assured of a warm welcome.

I use a combination of therapies to give you confidence to be you. These include coaching, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and EMSRP.

Although my transgender therapy practice has a physical location in Derbyshire (close to Derby and Nottingham), I also provide therapy online via Skype, Zoom or Facetime.

Just send me an email to start the ball rolling